Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Wood Elf Pictures Emerge From GW Forest

This afternoon pictures emerged on Twitter of the new Wood Elf releases

Wildwood Rangers

Eternal Guard

 Wild Riders

More Eternal Guard

More Wild Riders

Sisters of the Thorn

I think Games Workshop have done a fantastic job with this release. I expect the bandwagon to be full unless the rules are gash....which they won't be.


  1. Damm, Saturday cant come fast enough

  2. Prediction: The wagon is going to be straining under the load. I myself own a model from every single WHFB army, so I'm wagon-immune.

  3. Those Eternal Guard make nicer High Elf Spearelves than the current High Elf Spearelves do. Very nice indeed.

  4. GW will you just hurry up and take all my money please... that being said, good job on staggering the releases. If I'd seen these I wouldn't have wasted money on the Araloth model, as nice as it is.

  5. Yup. I am kicking myself that I got rid of my Wood Elves now.

  6. Can't be faulted. Good design and paint jobs GW. Animated figures. No caricature-like looks. Not sure how fragile though. Only relief is that I don't play wood elves, so no money will go towards these ! Would make lovely modeling though!

  7. Personally I think that the rangers are the weakest and at odds with the WE aesthetic

    1. If the rules are good I got 40 metal eternal guard that might find themselves "counts as" rangers...

      Also calling it: sisters of the thorn will be broken.

      Joel v

    2. We await your list that Pete rates as #1 in the next tournament.... and the placing it comes in at slightly different to #1.