Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Adepticon Recap #5 - Horus Heresy Event

My only letdown at Adepticon was the Horus Heresy event. While it was great to see the various armies the actual structure of the event was disappointing.

I appreciate that it was a "fun" event and given my total lack of 30k experience and 40k play (in last five years) I had no expectations on doing well. However the scenarios that were chosen meant that for the first two of three games played the winner was decided by die roll for attacker/defender.

In the first game it was impossible for the Attacker to win unless four turns were played as objectives only scored for Defenders unless four turns completed. We played three. I'm willing to give my opponents the benefit of the doubt here that slow play wasn't deliberate

However in the second I'm not so sure. It was a kill point game where defender scored objective point for every unit in the zone 24 to 48" in (short board edge deployment). The attacker only got points for units in the defenders deployment zone and had to deploy at least 12" from defenders. So the shorter the game the better for the Defender

We had three player turns in the game. Defenders went first so we got one turn - total. I'm not sure how people can take over two hours to play two player turns but our opponents did.  Result - Crushing loss.

In the third game I just drove my Spartan into the middle of the board and jumped out. I just wanted to charge something :-)

Over the nine hours playing time my team got a total of 7 player turns.  So while we might have contributed something was broken in the setup

Still the goal for me was to finish my Death Guard and get them on the table. In that I "ACHIEVED". However it didn't make me want to rush out and play large amounts of 40k. I'm keen to play some 30k but hobby driven rather than game driven.

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