Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Creature Caster Kickstarter Update

For those of you interested in alternative models the Creature Caster Kickstarter is progressing and has 12 days to go. Over the weekend two new models were unlocked.

The Treewalker is an update on the Ultraforge Treewoman. I have one of those and it is a great, dare I say tree-mendous, model.

The second is a Zombie Dragon. The picture is just concept art. The sculptor has confirmed the dragon will be incredibly "zombified" with slaking flesh, ripped skin and exposed bones.

The cost of the first model is $CAD 75 and the second $CAD 150.

The release of the Treewalker saw a jump in pledges as it coincided with the announcement that Wood Elves were being updated. Looking at the Wraithknight - Mulch Edition versus this model, there is no contest in my mind.

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