Saturday, April 12, 2014

Adepticon Recap - #1 General Shots

Okay this is the first of the recap posts from Adepticon. It has general shots that give an idea of the scale of the event.

The event was held in the function rooms of a hotel - no schools for them! This is the Fantasy Hall prior to set up. Carpeted, air con, great lighting. In the end this room saw 100+ tables.

The 40K hall on the morning of the Championships. This hall was the biggest - twice the size of the Fantasy hall - and they packed about 500 gamers at a time in there.

By the weekend this place was heaving with something of the order of 800 plus gamers for the Teams Tournament.

Still even with those numbers there was plenty of comfort. You can see the space between the tables for instance. Each day there was a buffet set up outside the hall selling pizza, chicken wings, wedges etc

In  the evening gamers would set up impromptu Bring & Buy tables after a hard days gaming. One thing to note is the much longer days. Events would start at 10am and go to 9pm with three games. Made the days longer but gave some down time.

Walking the tables in the 40k hall it was always the Tyranid armies that stood out from wall to wall Eldar and Riptides. This one showed great use of the airbrush and was striking from 3-4 tables away.

Another shot of the Tyranid army. So much more visually interesting than the other races.

More Nids and again the ability to use colours is striking.Obviously a disagreement over biomass etiquette!

That said, this Necron army caught my eye. Different take and visually appealing.

A shot of the non-flyer components.

Ok, that's a brief taste. Check in over the next week for lots more content.

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