Sunday, April 20, 2014

Adepticon Recap #7 - The Teams Tournament

The Teams events are probably the highlight of Adepticon - wait for the 40k event pics - and I was looking forward to the armies that showed up.

It appeared that what turned up was a step down on last year but there were still some fantastic armies on show.

Empire & Bretonnians

Empire & Dwarfs

And to complete the set - Bretonnians & Dwarfs

Daemons & Dark Elves

Skaven & Daemons

Lizardmen & Skaven

Warriors & Lizardmen

Warriors & Daemons (Our 1st Round Opponents) 

More Daemons & Warriors

And more.....

For a change....Nah....It's Warriors & Daemons again

Empire & High Elves

I'm Stumped - I see Beasts, Trolls and Drones

Dual Vamps

Warriors & Orcs & Goblins (well Warmachines)

Dwarfs & Empire

And another shot

I've saved the best army (IMO) for a separate post. Check back later for those photos.

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