Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Adepticon Recap #9 - 40k Teams Championships

Probably the marquee event at Adepticon is the 40k Teams Event. Teams of four players - typically decked out in custom shirts - compete with four complementary armies.

There is a lot of kudos to the winners of the Best Presented and on Saturday night the best of the best are displayed in the Westin Lombard Main Lobby.

The Tiered Avatar World &Tau Incursion

This was a multi-tiered jungle world heavily influenced by Avatar. It was accompanied by a very professional movie trailer which explained the army and the background.

The tiers were lit by LEDs and the rockfalls had running water. Overall it was a very striking display.

Besides the inevitable two dozen Riptides it had some lovely Forgeworld Kroot included.
As you can see the paintjob was clean and crisp, providing a striking display.
You've gotta love the effort that they have put in.

The Hivefleet

These guys arrived and the first thing they installed was an inflatable Tyranid Hive Ship. You can see the size of it as it floats above the table.
The stem running up to it was a conduit for the biomass harvested from the planet surface. This had running liquid coils going up to Mother.
They then started displaying the big flappy Nids that patrolled the skies above the planet.
You can see the biomass ponds and the bottom of the stem feeding up to the ship. In the foreground is a Tyranid bone spire
With all the lesser Nids deployed the overall effect was quite amazing.

The Space Hulk

This was my favourite of the displays. It depicts a Space Wolf incursion into a Nid infested Space Hulk.
On the walls you can see the breaches - the pentagonal fan shapes - where the Space Wolves entered the hulk. Below the Aquilia is a Tervigon in a birthing nest.
And the staggering part is on the back. Each of those pentagons lines up with a drop pod or assault ship. Cool.
What a great display. And what a fantastic and evocative scene they have created.

The Pyramid of Kairos

This was a multi-level display showing a Marine assault on the Temple of Kairos.
Here you see the surface with the assault elements securing the temple area.
And the action continues in the levels below.
Ending up in the centre of the Pyramid itself.
The Rest
Enormous Pew-pew
Burrowing Orks
"We Will Fight Them On The Beaches"
Mixed Imperium Force
And heaps of Pointy Eared Gits
There was this very excited Mexican boy who excitedly told us his Lizardmen army "El Mucho Skinko" had more Pew Pew
Some lovely airbrushed Eldar
Finally there was this enclosed box which had an automated display and commentary that created the story of the army.



  1. Thanks Pete I really enjoyed looking throughout this Ben.

  2. Those shooty eldar were a bunch of chumps...

    To be honest the dick in a box was a real dissapointment