Saturday, April 26, 2014

Humpty Dumpty Day

With Tom back at Uni in Auckland and my wife Lynne in Dunedin with her parents, I've been left to my own devices over the past few days.

Friday was a holiday in New Zealand (Anzac Day - for overseas readers - Lest We Forget) and so I took the opportunity to pull out a lot of models that have taken bumps and breaks over the past few months.

So the morning was spent glueing arms and spears back, reattaching to bases, fixing flying stands etc. It's amazing how many knocks an army takes. Still with a few hours things are looking a lot better.

I now have 65 painted and based Horrors!!!! There are also another 10 there to paint.

In the afternoon Sam came down early for Runefang and we took the chance to play an ETC practice game before back to fixing while I watched the Warriors beat Melbourne Storm and St. Kildare fail to beat bottom placed Brisbane (grrrr).

A very productive (hobby) day.

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