Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Adepticon Recap #11 - WHFB Championship Armies

The weekend of Adepticon sees the WHFB Championships. I was signed up to play and played my first round before withdrawing. It was the first time I've ever pulled out of an event but I think I made the right call. Jack had arrived in from Boston and it was a good opportunity to catch up with him and also to actually experience the convention.

We spent the next couple of days checking out all the halls, vendors, bits merchants etc. My tip if you are going to Adepticon is to definitely not play every if you do you miss what is trly a unique experience  - well for NZ gamers anyway.

It gave me an opportunity to take some photos of the armies participating in the Championships and here is a selection:

Beastmen Horde

Some Very Nice Orcs & Goblins

Chris Yu's Orcs & Goblins....My Favourite of the Greenskins on Show

Very Effective Skaven Horde

The Empire

Brad Schwandt's Skaven

Winter High Elves

A Simple But Effective Display Board

Empire on the Battlefoam X-Board

My Favourite Empire Army

Vampire Counts

Dwarfen Throng

Tomb Kings from Canada

 Slaaneshi Warriors of Chaos - Fantastic Use of Colour

Also Great Conversions

Johnny Hastings' Beastmen - My Favourite Army and Winner of Best Painted

The blending on this army has to be seen to be believed

Another Skaven army

Twisted Dark Elves

Unique Daemon Army

Striking Lizards

Dark Elves - Turquoise & Orange

Blood For the Blood God

Vampire Counts - Game of Thrones Inspired?

More Dwarf Goodness (?!!!)

Another Lizardmen Army

Bretonnian Ogres

Great Conversions

More Ogres

Warriors of Chaos

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