Monday, April 28, 2014

Skitterleap 2014

Over the weekend I had a number of people ask me to reconsider shelving FOB events later in the year. Some very kind things were said about how much they anticipate local opportunities to game.

I still intend to put "Warpfire" into hibernation. It is scheduled for two weeks after Call to Arms (also in Wellington) and I do not want the two events to compete for numbers against each other.

However I am happy to reconsider my decision re Skitterleap in light of the feedback. It is on Labour Weekend and hopefully it will give people the opportunity to game without taking up the whole time.

I'll confirm post Horned Rat when I see what number are achieved. I sent out emails to locals this morning and also urged those that were at Runefang to come and to cajole their friends as well.

This has already had a response with a number of people confirming to me this morning that they are attending. I am hopeful that the numbers will continue to grow over the next few days.

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