Monday, April 14, 2014

Dedicated Paint Night

Now that Adepticon is over and  I don't have to paint Death Guard, the pressure isn't on to paint. I have all the necessary rats I need for the ETC so the horizon is clear.

That comes with its own risks. There is a tendency to let the painting fall by the wayside and put the feet up. However that is not going to get things done - and the plastic/metal/resin mountain still exists. To address this I've decided to dedicate two evenings a week to painting.

My plan is to use Tuesday and Thursday evenings as set paint nights. I believe that if I do so I can ensure 6-8 hours painting a week. By having no deadlines I can mix up what I paint and hopefully fill out those armies I have the figures for that are currently unpainted. Hopefully over the course of the year this will diminish the outstanding dramatically. It also provides dedicated podcast time as currently I have a backlog building on my iDevice.

Should I get time over the other weeknight evenings I'm happy to use that to build models or - shock horror - remove mould lines.

So let's how this works out.

1 comment:

  1. Having a regular painting night has been key to helping me make progress over the years. I think it's a very worthwhile thing.