Saturday, April 19, 2014

Adepticon Recap #6 - WHFB 1000 Points Events

While the Horus Heresy event was going on Jeff and Monty were meant to be playing in the 1000 point event. Jeff bailed to look around the Con - and importantly stand in the FW line for my HH Collectors Edition - but Monty played and won the event. He subsequently taunted me all weekend but being the well adjusted individual I am, I never rose to the bait.

Here are some pics of the 1000 point armies that were on show:

Beastmen Horde (Note WarGamma Lava Pools in Display)

Skaven (Simple but Effective Paintjob)

Dark Elves (Note Spit Roast in Executioners)

High Elves (Clean, Effective Paintjob)

WoC (You can see the efforts people make on their display)

WoC (This is Rob Phaneuf from Ohiohammer's Army)

The US Loves Their Nurgle

Nice Lizardmen Terrain Pieces

High Elves

Orc & Goblin Army

Close Up of Savages

The underlying thing that you take away from Adepticon is the pride people take in their hobby. While in a lot of cases their panting might not be the greatest everyone makes a real effort to present their army in the best light.This means a nice display base and elevates the entire look of the army. There are some enormously creative people playing the game.


  1. Thanks for the photos Pete, the display boards in particular are very good, and they can really make an army pop.

    Having said that, I'm glad they're not part of the culture here. As someone who loves painting, but is slow and struggles to find the time to do it, I'd much rather focus on the actual models themselves. To have to do a display board that has no in-game impact would be annoying at this stage. My priorities are troopers first, terrain second and display board not even on the to-do list.

    This is particularly important as the events I attend (yours) require fully painted armies. I support this requirement, but it's a hard one to meet for some of us, harder still if a display board was needed too.

    1. as a suggestion to do a display board quickly and effectively. Go to the warehouse and get a pinboard, spray it black, then use basing materials from a model train shop that looks similar to your bases from a flocking side of things and glue it down, it can be done even quicker if you use spray glue.

      A high res picture that is the size of the display section glued down could also work. See the frontline gaming mats for what that could look like.

      But both these methods take an hour or so to get done and then you are set for years.