Thursday, April 24, 2014

Creative Juices

Probably the most exciting thing to me about Adepticon was having the creative aspects of the hobby reinvigorated. The gamers that attended Adepticon take enormous pride in the presentation of their armies and it is hard not to have this rub off on you.

Coming back to NZ I have been reevaluating some of the projects I had on the go and looking how I bring them to fruition. For me terrain is a key part of the hobby and I am keen to finish a lot of the half completed projects that I have started. I have enough tournament terrain for my future needs so the key from here is tidying up existing pieces and utilising new pieces in a creative context.

Recently I picked up a Realm of Battle Gameboard and I am thinking of creating a Chaos/Ash Wastes table using the lava pools I got from WarGamma. I'm also looking to build some hills for my Kislev board.

On the horizon I have the Secret Weapon Miniatures Urban Streets board arriving. This will become my main 30k board and I want to redo my 40k terrain to work with this. I have a half painted Forge World Tank Factory plus plenty of other pieces that need redoing.

From a miniatures point of view I am using my Tuesday/Thursday Paint Nights to progress my Slaaneshi Daemons. I am finishing steeds for the Chariots and then will look at re painting some Fiends before the big job which is two 30 Daemonette blocks of Juan Diaz models. Finally I have the Forge World Keeper of Secrets to paint.

Alongside this I'm keen to repair and complete my Tomb Kings. I've picked up Light Horsemen and metal Tomb Guard models and want to get those added to the army. I also have 4 more Snakes, 3-4 chariots, a Hierotitan model and a Sphinx to do. Finally all the warmachines need rebasing.

For me these represent good winter projects that give me plenty to do but nothing that has to be done.

In reality there is enough there to last me into 2015. None of it is especially creative but I'm determined to make sure that all are finished to an acceptable level - which to me means satisfying the FoB Painting Checklist such that max painting points are achieved. So that means properly based, conversions where appropriate etc


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