Monday, April 21, 2014

Adepticon Recap #8 - Pointhammered Team's Armies

Over the past couple of year's I had heard a lot about the quality of painting of Joe Rodgers and Johnny Hastings who host the Pointhammered Podcast.

Both had one numerous painting awards - e.g. Joe at 2013 SGCT and Johnny at the 2014 US Masters. So them teaming up for the teams event was a great opportunity to admire the quality of their work.

I wasn't disappointed.

 Joe's army is Daemons of Chaos but all the models have been converted into a Cthulhu theme with facial tentacles. Johnny's is a Beast-Ogre army - here they were being used as Ogres.

The quality of painting - especially the blending - on Johnny's army is absolutely staggering. The transitions are flawless. I'll happily say I have not seen another tournament army painted to the same standard as these Beastmen.

The colour palette used is very muted for the skin and furs but the army pops because of the use of the blue cloth on banners and what rags they where.

Joe's army is different again. All the models are converted but a large part of the eye appeal is the use of a pearlescent paint which gives the models a "shimmer". In the background here you can see the Beasts made from Rot Fly bodies. 

At first glance the bases look a bit "meh". But once you look closely you can see the sculpting and painting that has gone into them.

Johnny makes use of a range of models from different races and eras in his army.

The photo doesn't do justice to the subtle shimmer effect Joe has achieved with his army. You start to see the mix of colours on these multi-purpose core.

Simple basing complements Johnny's army. As I said the quality of blending on skin has to be seen to be believed. It is pretty much flawless.

This side-on view hopefully captures some of that.

Here is a side-on of the Daemons. You start to get an appreciation of the effect Joe has achieved.

Prior to the event I was keen to see these two armies and they certainly lived up to expectations. I was surprised they didn't win Best Painted.

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