Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Review - Swamp/Lava Pools from WarGamma

This morning there was a parcel in my letterbox from WarGamma. It had the three sets of Swamp/Lava Pools I purchased at Adepticon. They had sold all their stock but were offering to ship them post-event.

That is a 40mm square base for scale. In each set costing $12 you get three pools. The detail is very crisp and I believe that they will paint up extremely well.

Part of the attraction is that they are multi-purpose. I've seen them painted as lava pools and swamp. I bet you could make them into lizard spawning ponds or Tyranid biomass pools.

Very happy with them and I'll try and get a set painted up in the next week.

You can check out all the products at

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