Sunday, April 13, 2014

Adepticon Recap #2 - WHFB "The Big Brawl"

One of the things that is unique to Adepticon is the number of different competitions there is for each game. This year the Fantasy events kicked off with a 3000 point event "The Big Brawl".

Here are some pics of the armies competing:

Full Slaaneshi Army...Not Something You See Every Day

Absolutely "Filthy" Dark Elves - Yes Those Are Warlock Buses!

Xmas Daemons - I'm Pretty Sure He Won The Event

They Love Their Chaos Dwarfs in the USA - And Yes, Those Are K'Daii Fireborn

Ogres Were A Favourite At 3000 Points

Now That's An Army - From Memory He Won The Championships On The Weekend


Vampire Counts - Scream is a Theme!

More Ogres

My Favourite of the Armies - Lovely Chaos Dwarfs. 

Nice to see somebody finally paint lava well

Great Conversions and Great Overall Presence (oh and I bought nine of the lava pools from

More Chaos Dwarfs

I Don't Think He Got The Memo Re Bloodletters

That's A Lot of Beastmen


Another Nice Beastmen Army

Our Scream Friends Return

More Lovely Beastmen

You can see the pride the guys take in the presentation of the army. The use of Display Boards to present the theme is key. 

Certainly it makes for a great visual spectacle.


  1. Is that red tower in Jon Cash's Chaos Dwarf army scratch built or can it be bought from somewhere?

    1. Commercial piece. Charlie Lloyd uses it for his Dark Elves

  2. Thanks for the pictures Pete looking forward to seeing more of them and getting up an update on the 30k event