Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Missing FAQs

As you are probably aware Games Workshop revamped their website last weekend. It certainly looks nicer and is easier to use than the previous iteration. However on the various forums and on Twitter a furore has erupted as the FAQs are missing.
All the Tin Hats are out explaining that this is all part of some GW masterplan to further subjugate the rules in favour of the models. In fact I've heard it is all open slather in events now as with the FAQs missing there is no point of reference re previous rulings. To believe some people my beloved Skaven have now lost all the errata they once had.
I suspect that the reality is somewhat difference. In the haste to get the new website "live", someone has forgotten to transfer the FAQs over. I'm sure that they will quietly reappear sometime in the next couple of weeks.
Remember the old adage - "Never ascribe to malice, what you can put down to incompetence."

Oh....and if you need them....I have a copy of the missing PDFs

EDIT: The Missing FAQs have resurfaced here  It is safe to remove tinfoil hat


  1. The feedback I've heard from GW is the FAQs will be coming, but they're taking the chance to update them before they re-introduce them. Why they can't have the other ones up in the meantime is something of a mystery.

    Makes you wonder what else will appear on their site however, as this would be the first non-purchase related thing they put up. At the moment there are no hobby articles or anything. It's just a shop. Maybe that will change...

  2. I can't say I'm enthusiastic about the new format at all. It is all about buying, buying, buying and nothing about the hobby whatsoever. It was a logical progression but is still rather sad.

    It would be in keeping for GW to charge for downloading the errata! Would even they stoop so low....?