Friday, April 4, 2014

Judgement Comes to Wellington

Pete has kindly let me contribute to his blog.

 Over Christmas I got intersed in the Judge Dredd miniatures game. This has turned out to be a lot of fun and rather addictive. The game is a skirmish game set in the Judge Dredd universe. There is 35 years of universe history so there is huge amount of source material to keep you inspired. There are also a couple of movies, a good one and one staring Silvester Stallone.

 The game consists of two or more gangs who contest the field. There are least 14 factions ranging from Justice department to Zombie plague and rebellios robots. The addictive part of the game is that you can run your gangs as a campaign force and after the game you can go up in experience and gather more skills and stat increases. So it's roleplaying without any of the boring talking bits.

 I've also become a big fan of laser cut terrain. I have bought a bunch of sets from Spartan Scenics and some from CNC miniatures. The amount of detail cut into the wood is very good. You end up with some very detailed buildings and often loads of accessories. Putting together the terrain is kind of like a 3D Jigsaw puzzle and you end up with a big building at the end of the process.

 If you want to get into Judge Dredd you need about half a dozen science fiction or steampunk models. a 30 pound starter box set of 8 models will get you plenty of models. You can get a PDF set of the rules or splash out on the hardback version. From there the sky is the limit.

 So if you fancy yourself as a criminal mastermind in Mega City One or want to bring law to the lawless. let me know and we can organise a game. I'm going down to the Warlords on Saturday afternoon so bring down some models and we can get in a quick game or two.

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