Monday, April 14, 2014

Swedish Thoughts

Over the weekend I got reacquainted with Swedish Comp. On Saturday I played Ryan's Warriors and then Mike's High Elves. I also checked the sixteen lists for Runefang (they'll be up tonight).

Originally I tried to play a variant of my ETC Skaven list but soon gave up. My list scores 3.4 and it was proving impossible to get it much above 6. So back to DoC.

Am I The Only One To Feel Like A Vegetable?

What did I get for my 11?

Lord of Change - Exalted Gift and Lesser Gift Level 4 Metal

Herald of Tzeentch - BSB, Level 2 Tzeentch

4x 10 Horrors - Muso & Std

2x 3 Screamers

5 Flesh Hounds - Ambush

3 Flamers


Burning Chariot of Tzeentch

4 Plague Drones - Standard, Gleaming Pennant

And this is the major flaw with Swedish. This is a strong list but it get a largely unscathed ride with Swedish. Other races e.g. Empire similarly get a soft run. And don't start on Brets. I think it is largely impossible to score less than 13.

Yet try Skaven or Dark Elves and you're buggered. Not hard done by, but prison rape sodomised.

As far as I see all it does is shift goalposts, encouraging you to look for flaws.  My Aussie friends will say that is a skill.....yep just like tax avoidance. Thankfully I don't see accountancy as a leisure time activity.


  1. Completely agree with the thoughts. Giving Ryan some pre-event practice I've managed to create suedo-lightcouncil/1+as/stank lists coming in above 12 with the Empire, and yesterday ran a calv bus + monsters High Elf list that sat comfortable in the comp (loremaster instead of lvl4).

    Other than odd things like running 6 fast calv instead of 5, I didnt really feel the comp hit that hard (well, try going magic and artillery heavy with Empire and the comp bites hard) and I would consider them for normal Pete-lite events.

    DoC seem to be one of the few armies that can really power up the magic phase in Swedish - your list is a testament to that - given how hard it is usually comped.

    Maybe the Meta in Sweden is in a its own little bubble?

    Joel v

  2. Managing the SCS trade-offs of resources between Swedish-Frustration, Points and Competitive Capability was like juggling chainsaws while someone played high-pitched-polka music over a megaphone. A very concentration demanding and unpleasant experience. That sad, the completion of the exercise left me an odd mix of sweaty, bitter and resignedly satisfied... much like one might experience after breakup sex.

    Now I can only look forward to my first FoB tournament and hope all the other armies are as impotent as my poor Swedish rats.