Thursday, April 10, 2014

Wood Elf Rumours Starting to Surface

The first swathe of "credible" Wood Elf rumours are starting to hit the net. Maybe Winter is finally over for the PEGs.

  • Out in May
  • Two week release schedule - three plastic kits, book and magic cards
  • Eternal Guard have been dropped
  • Kit #1 - Multipurpose - Three Hawk Riders comprising a Hawk and two PEGs or three Stonefeathers (Monstrous Owls) and 6 Waywatchers
  • Kit #2 - Wardancer Kit - Wear Animal Masks and have Pelt Shields, Animal Claws as Weapons
  • Kit #3 - Obligatory Monster - Treeman Ancient or Meadow Hag. First has beard of bark, the second skirt of roots

So it looks like lots of Skirmishers and a continuation of the playstyle. Stock up on metal Wardancers now....some of the best ever GW models.....suspect we'll see some points manipulation

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  1. I saw this news about 8:30 this morning, a great way to start the day.